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I am a personal trainer, training clients out of The Gym in High Wycombe, located on Castle Street.

The gym boast over 15,000 square feet, with a variety of equipment, such as:

Deadlift Platform/Power Rack
Squat Rack
Smith Machine
Lots of pull up bars
4 Cable Machines
2 Resistance Machines of Each Body Part
12 Incline/Decline Benches
Free Weights Up To 38kg
Fixed Barbells 10kg-35kg
Variety Of Cardiovascular Machines
Plus More!

If you would like to book an initial 1-1 consultation to discuss your goals, please contact me now on 07749765012 or email witneysimon@hotmail.co.uk to arrange a time and date.

Initial consultations are £10 (If you need to reschedule a consultation, please contact me at least 24 hours before the consultation to reschedule free of charge, if you reschedule on the day of the initial consultation, it will cost £5).

Please note that if you wish to hire me for personal training services, you will need to either buy a day pass for the gym (£5.99) or purchase a membership at £12.99 per month.

What You Can Expect


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