Welcome To Simon Witney Personal Strength Training!



Initial Consultation = £10

Block Book of 10 Sessions = £300

Please note I no longer book single sessions with clients.

Please call or text 07749765012 or email witneysimon@hotmail.co.uk to arrange sessions.

Alternatively, please visit my Facebook page here SimonWitneyPT

All sessions will be taken at The Gym Group in High Wycombe on Castle Street.

Why do people hire a personal trainer?

Usually, it’s one of the following:

 1. Burn calories
2. Lose Weight
3. Tone up

Before you agree with the above 3, I want you think about WHY you want to hire a personal trainer, WHY you want to join a gym and WHY you are still searching for the answer instead of following a program or taking advice and following through with it.

You have come to this page because you are still searching for the answer.

The truth it, the answer is all around you, and it’s called ACTION.

You NEED to take action.

However, you may not know how to implement that action or where to get it from, and that’s where I come in 🙂

I want you to arrange a free session with me so I can explain to you my personal training service and what I offer and if it is the right thing for you.


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