Welcome To Simon Witney Personal Strength Training!

Training Packages

I offer 3 different packages depending on your goal


Package 1: Get Strong AF

In this package we will focus on the following 3 lifts:

Pull up

This will be a 3 days week personal training commitment, which will also be spent training other exercise and body parts for full body definition and strength.


Any missed sessions will result in a less likely chance of you achieving your goals, and in some cases, I shall resume cancellation of the training  and I will personally cease the membership if I feel there is a reason to do so.

I treat training as a way of life, people want results but allow their excuses to get in the way, This system will help to avoid this problem.


Package 2- Build Muscle

This package is for anybody who wishes to build muscle and look better as well as improve their confidence.

This will be a 4-5 day per week training cycle, with focus on a body part split.

This is for men and women on a 1-1 basis only.

Package 3- Ladies Who Wanna Lift!


This is ideal for any female who wishes to build up their body but is not sure what or how to do it and is new to resistance training.

This program will help the client build confidence and introduce them into a workout environment that is progressively difficult and uncomfortable at different times to challenge the mind and body and get stronger, both physically and mentally.

We will discuss your training goals in a 30 minute consultation, taking measurements or weight if we need to, and we will set aside goals depending on which package you subscribe to.

This package is available to 1-1 or groups of 2 females.

Please Enter Which Package You Would Like To Start in the Dialogue box under either Package A, B or C.
Package A
£240 Every 2 Weeks For A Total of 6 Weeks Concluding the 3 Month Training Period. Package B
Package B
£360 Every 2 Weeks for A Total of 12 Weeks Concluding the 6 Months Training Period. Package C
Package C
£360 Every 2 Weeks For A Total of 24 Weeks Concluding the 12 Months Training Period.

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