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Hi Guys, Thank you for visiting my website, please take a look around and watch the videos I have available as well as read through some of my blog posts.

If you would like to discuss your training with me, please call me on 07749765012.


Who Am I?


I have lived in High Wycombe all my life, and I have loved training ever since I was about 13. I always loved the outdoors and would regularly be out on my skateboard or bike with my friends.


I was never the biggest or strongest or most intelligent kid when I was growing up, and as such I never did crazy good in school or in sports, however I loved people and had a confidence to talk to people that put me ahead of others.


I discovered Bruce Lee when I was around 13 years old and pursued kickboxing as a hobby which I really loved, and one day I plan to pursue it around 3 hours a week, there’s nothing like really connecting with a solid roundhouse kick to a bag!!!!


Part of the reason for me getting into lifting weights at such a young age was because I was being bullied in school, and because I wanted to get noticed by girls (BTW, NEITHER of these ideas worked).


So I began to lift weights in my mums garage with doing things like bicep curls, deadlifts, squats, tricep dips and just generally basic exercises. I also got into doing pull ups, which took me a long time to get, since a lot of it requires grip strength and knowing how to activate the lats.

Over the years I then trained with other exercises such as defecit deadlifts, box squats and leg presses.

During these years of training, I decided to put my passion for teaching together with my training, and flt that being a personal trainer was the most kick-ass job in the world, and set my sights on it.

I still get the same buzz from training clients now as I did way back when, and I feel incredibly lucky to have found my passion.



1 Session Per Week = £200

2 Sessions Per Week = £250

3 Sessions Per Week = £400



Please contact me on 07749765012 to arrange your sessions or just ask questions.