Daniel has been an absolute legend of a nutrition coaching client. As you may understand, coaching is a 2 way process, and Daniel has played his part wonderfully.

He contacted me back in April time, asking me a few questions about nutrition. I explained what he needed to do, and since that day, has been following my every word, and the results show!

Coming up to the end of July and he has managed to get his body weight down from approximately 16 stone, to 12 stone 9lb.

This is an incredible achievement and just goes to show what anybody can do when they deidcate themselves fully.

Daniel Burford


Kirsty has been training with me and working on her nutrition since 20th June this year.

She has already lost 1 stone since starting with me, weighing 11 stone 12lb, with a combination of weight training and nutrition.

She works long hours and is learning how to develop her own nutrition plan whilst sending me her nutrition data on a regular basis to keep up with her goals.

Since she started training, she is already pressing 10kg dumbbells, as well as squatting 30kg and sumo deadlifts with 35kg.

She is a prime example of what you can achieve if you set your mind to it.

Kirsty Lipa

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