Getting into shape is not something we should take lightly as a species, and I think too many of us do.

We should always be pushing our limits, not just in training, but in life too.

When life hands you a difficult week, do you give in and let it take over, or do you grind hard and get as much success as you can?

I don't like giving up. 

It may be tough, you may want to cry, you may want to give up, but you must hold your head high and carry on.

I have been weight training and involved myself in extra-recreational activity ever since I was a young boy, enjoying walks on my own, going for bike rides with friends, going to the gym to build muscle, I even went on a few jogs in the past.

Taking part in all that physical activity when I was younger has helped me developed better flexibility, mobility, strength and endurance than the average man or woman, and I want to pass my knowledge onto as many people as I can and help as many people as possible achieve their fitness gials.







The Studio

It boasts a high quality, fully functioning squat rack, ideal for squatting, bench pressing and rack pulls.

Other amenities include a dumbbell rack with weights reaching limits of 30kg, ideal for the beginner, all the way to more advanced individuals.

There is also a highly attractive turf track with Prowler to match, ideal for pushing and pulling, ready to help you improve your cardiovascular system and build strong legs.

The studio also favours a lat pulldown station and cable machine for more variety of exercises and also contains within it, a fixed weight barbell station comprising of barbells in the range of 10kg, moving right the way through to 45kg.

Some finishing touches I might add include a trap bar and kettlebells.

Personal Training can be arranged through Simon Witney and can be booked in sessions of 1, 2 or 3 per week, with prices adjusting according to how many sessions you book in.

Luckings Farm, Magpie Lane, Coleshill, HP7 0LS


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