Do you like burgers? Then You'll love This!

5% fat beef burgers can really help you lose weight, here's how to cook them:

1. Find the mincemeat in the supermarket, it is darker in colour because it has less fat in it, and fat makes meat look lighter in colour.

2. Put all the mince in a bowl and mush up into a blog of meat, then crack an egg in it and mix that in too.

3. Cut up into your preferred size and shape. I have a disc like cutter which I use to cut my burgers into a nice round shape.

4. Cook for about 30 minutes or so. When they have finished cooking, leave them out to cool down and cut a hold in them to let any excess fat ooze out.

How Do Burgers Help You Lose Weight?

To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume AKA calorie defecit.

To confirm you are in fact doing this, you need to track your calories on an app like nutracheck or myfitnesspal and track for 1 week to get an idea of your consumption. You can obviously track for longer if you would like.

You can then see how many calories, on average, you consume a day.

Then, work out your BMR/RMR (Basal or Resting Metabolic Rate) to see how many calories you need to lose weight.

The benefit of these burgers is that they are low in fat, which means they are less calorific, it has nothing to do with fat making you fat, it is all about fat being 9kcal per gram, which very little nutritional value, yet is high in calories.

I advise most people to consume around 1-1.5g protein per kg bodyweight, so if you weigh 80kg, you want to consume 80-120g protein per day.

A 125g burger contains around 26g protein, so if you have 4-5 burgers, you've met your protein quotient for the day.

You an get your fat requirements from fish or nuts as well.

Your body requires protein for cell recovery, and fat for energy, your body does not require carbohydrates for energy.

In fact, too much carbohydrates can increase estrogen, which can cause mood swings. 

Carbs can also increase serotonin, a relaxing hormone, which is better to have at night when we settle down to rest for the night.

Try these burgers and see what you think. 
You also get your healthy fats in from the egg that you put in there, but you can add variety to your day with other foods.

The reason why these burgers help you lose weight is because they contain a good amount of protein, which is, alongside fat, an essential macro nutrient.


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