Dan's Journey 

2nd May 2020: 15 Stone

23rd May: 14 Stone 4lb

For the next several months, Dan would send me his nutrition data, via Nutracheck, for me to analyse and give him feedback on to ensure he was on the right track..

He would ask questions about whether you could add or take away certain foods, or if he was eating enough protein.

Eventually he would step on the scales and see his weight consistently drop, leading to further improvements in his body composition.

His enthusiasm never decreased,he was convinced he would see results and this showed in his efforts.

One thing I really admire about Dan is his relentlessness, He doesn't give up easily and I believe this is paramount to him achieving his results.

So as we continued with his weight loss, the more weight he kept losing, the more he couldn't believe that what we were actually doing was working, but he kept going because it WAS working.

Before we both knew it, he was starting to show abdominals and v-lines. This was a huge step in the direction we wanted to get him to because it was proof that he could get a six pack, or at least as close to it as possible.

Back To Refereeing

One day he messaged me explaining that he was going back to refereeing because his fitness level had increased and his body fat level had decreased, and I was so happy for hi,this was a huge accomplishment and shows that weight loss isn't just about how you look, but also about what you can do again because of the fitness level you achieve.

What Dan Burford Says About Simon Witney Strength and Tone:

This guy is a nutritional genius.... and his fee is small for what you receive. If you want to makea change message him today.

7th June: 13 Stone 7lb
85kg bodyweight

15th July: 12 Stone 11lb

8th September: 12 Stone 1lb



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