Work on these 3 tips every day to get your first push up:

  1. Strengthen your abs

    Your abdominals, including muscles like your rectus abdominus, obliques and your erector spinae muscles, have the one specific job of preventing your torso from rounding or arching.

    When performing push ups, your abdominals have the responsibility to maintain a flat back/neutral spine, to prevent your hips from sagging down.

    This is why performing the plank is such a good exercise to get better at before you practise push ups.

    However, you can also strengthen your abdominals with exercise like leg raises and stability ball planks.

    2. Strengthen your triceps

    Ok so, when we perform a push up, we aren’t actually isolating our chest.

    The reason is because the main action of a push up is extending the arm away from us and toward the ground, to push ourselves up from the ground, and this action comes from tricep muscle, which is on the back of the arms.

    So, from this, we can understand that to get stronger at push ups, we want to be able to strengthen our triceps, more than our chest.

    Our chest muscles are responsible for pulling our arms in toward each other, moreso than extending our arms in front of us.

    3. Try 1 Everyday

    What I want you to do, is to practise one push up every day. Just 1.

    I don’y care how sloppy it is, how much your back arches, how much shaking there is, I want you to be able to perform 1 every day.


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