Kirsty Lipa's Progress

Kirsty approached me back in June to ask for my help with toning up. She was sitting at a weight of 13 stone which she didn't like and she wanted to lose some of that weight.

We began training 2x a week and adopting some basic nutrition principles, such as increasing protein intake and looking at the calories she was eating.

Kirsty turned up on time to each session, put all the hard work and effort in and after being consistent with her training and keeping me updated with her nutrition, saw results 4 months later, going from 13 stone down to 11 stone.

She is now entering the most challenging stage of her weight loss journey, which is to get down to 10 stone, which will require more discipline and structure, but most importantly patience, as her nutrition becomes more specific and calories have to be monitored even more now.

She has shown dramatic improvements in her mental ability to withstand greater stress, and this is one of the things that makes me most proud of her.

I'm looking forward to helping Kirsty reach the 10 stone mark this year!


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