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Be Your Own Wonder Woman

One of the biggest obstacles I hear from female clients and gym members is how intimidated they feel about going into the weights area. There are usually too many bulky men grunting and frowning when lifting weights, and it scares a lot of females. A lot of this grunting and frowning comes from a naturally high amount of testosterone and a natural reaction to perceived effort Women grunt too, believe it or not, ever seen Maria Sharapova play tennis? Men are generally more There could be other reasons too, but I think the above moreorless sums it up. I have also had several conversations with the opposite sex about how they would like to start lifting weights and getting stronger, but the above obstacles stop them in their tracks. Do YOU find the weights area an intimidating place? If so, why? Here are a few tips to help you overcome this mental barrier: 1. Follow A Well Known Female Personal Trainer or Strength Coach There are lots of women in the strength training world who love to lift heavy weights, and they still maintain a female figure, with curves and tone that doesn't look manly. Follow some on Instagram and Facebook and you will start to see the beauty in strength training. 2. Partner Up With A Stronger Woman Than You, or Join A Private Club If you find public gyms intimidating, I would suggest joining a small club, like a powerlifting club, or spending your extra time meeting other women and going to the gym together, there is power in numbers after all. 3. Start by using the machines during a quiet period of the day to get used to the feeling of lifting weights.


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