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Diets CAN Work, If You Follow This Simple Rule

Most people start a new diet to lose weight, whether they need to lose weight or not is another matter, but it is primarily the reason people start a new diet. However, the issue with starting a new diet is that there is usually no in depth conversation with anybody about whether it will actually work or not. Do You Know Your BMR? Do You Know How To Track Your Calories? Do You Think That Too Many Eggs Are Bad For You?

The diet plan has to align with your personal needs. Are you active, or are you sedentary? Do you enjoy breakfast or do you only like eating after a certain time? There are so many diets out there that it is difficult to choose one. You also really need to know the intricate details of how each macro-nutrient works. You've got 3 macro-nutrients: Proteins (4kcal per gram) - Responsible for repairing cell tissue such as muscle and skin. Fats (9kcal per gram) - Responsible for transportation of hormones, provides us with energy, it forms our cell membranes, brain and nervous system. Carbohydrates (4kcal per gram) - Provide Energy (Fat is the primary energy giving macro-nutrient, we technically don't need carbs for energy, but we also struggle to live without them, so most people need a small amount per day). If you are going to start a new diet, you need to be aware of what kinds of food is in the diet, and what percentage of the diet contains these macro-nutrients. Prioritise Protein, Function Properly with Fat, Cut Down on the Carbs Most people consume too many carbs, and not enough protein, and again, if we're talking about weight loss, we need to remember that losing weight is all about burning calories, and calories are a unit of energy, so we want to reduce how much energy we consume, which will come in the form of carbohydrates and fat. The different, is that fats are highly nutritious and we NEED them, the same can't be true though for carbohydrates. Sure, if you play sports and need a quick pick me up, carbohydrates can be extremely useful, but most individuals don't work in those types of sporting environments, most people live more sedentary jobs (walking 10,000 steps a day doesn't count as an active job by the way). In some cases, you will find that your protein source (fish, eggs, nuts) all contain a source of fat as well. So if you stick to those foods, plus a healthy amount of vegetables, you will see the weight sliiiiiiiiide off. Carbohydrates aren't your enemy though, you just need to be sensible.


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