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Starting Your Exercise Journey With A Trainer

If you really want to see results from your training, it's not enough to just turn up 1x a week, train for an hour, then get lazy for the other 6 days of the week. You need commitment. Alright yes, if you can only afford sessions 1x a week and the trainer is happy to do 1x a week with you and help you keep fit, then that's fine, but don't expect anything significant to happen. You might tone up a bit, improve your fitness and stuff, but there won't be any significant changes really. I was booking in sessions with one of my clients, and because certain life events had happened, and it was stressing her out, I eventually didn't give her a chance. 'The only way this is going to work is if you put you training in as part of a necessary lifestyle habit', I told her. She works some long shifts, and on one particular shift, she is going 10am - til late. To me, that's the whole day gone, there is literally no time to add anything else in there, so we might as well add on of the training days there. It's the same with covid or having a child. Your life is going to change and there is nothing you can do about it, apart from either adjust and succeed, or stay the same and there isn't really any improvement. Personal training should absolutely not be something to do to pass the time, it should be a necessary part of your lifestyle to help you get stronger, eat better, look and feel better. Personal training is absolutely a lifestyle change, and the trainer should be there to help you and guide you through each process. 1. Stop Trying To Make It Convenient Everyday, something new will pop up in your life. Something will happen to mess your day up, and you are forced to adapt, forced to adjust to these new surroundings. For many of us, this was covid. Suddenly going from freedom in all areas of life, to our government restricting us in certain practises. I'm not blaming anybody for losing their s**t and stressing out due to covid, because I found it extra tough. I hated the idea that I couldn't do certain things, like go to the gym, or buy a coffee, or train clients. Over the course of the months, I began to wrap my head around it and got used to it. I even enrolled on a nutrition course and became qualified through Precision Nutrition, which turned out to be a 'most excellent' idea! The ride is never comfortable, and it never should be, just learn to roll with the punches. 2. You Will Fail More Than You Succeed But it is the successes that will keep you going and see you winning. 3. Don't Compare to Get Jealous, Compare To Get Inspired Or, don't compare at all. I love social media, it helps connect people, it's entertaining, it's great for relaxing. But, certain channels like Instagram can be mentally disruptive. How many pictures of blokes with their abs on show do you need to watch before you start feeling like s**t? How many pictures of women with toned glutes do you need to see before you want to quit? Social media isn't the enemy, the enemy is our own psyche, and we are working tirelessly to balance it out. It is in our nature to compare, but it is also in our nature to compete, we just have to make sure we are competing against the right things.


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