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Surviving the Heat As A Keen Runner

I will preface this by saying that I am NOT a keen runner, however, I am a keen fitness guy (also a personal trainer and nutrition coach, if you didn't know), so I do know a thing or 2 about staying healthy. At the moment, we are in the midst of a heatwave, it's ri-donkey-lous. Generally speaking, running outdoors is fun for a lot of people, but, sometimes, our enthusiasm can get the best of us. Here's a few tips to help with dealing with the heat if you have begun-to-run: 1. Stay Hydrated with ICE COLD WATER

Yes, everybody knows to stay hydrated, but not everybody thinks about temperature. When we move, we heat up, when we move in a heatwave, we REALLY heat up, which can overheat our brain, leading to headaches, or even worse, migraines. Drinking ice cold water keeps our internal body temperature down, and helps us not to overheat, so we can think clearly and our body can carry on it's daily processes. 2. Maintain Electrolytes Sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are a few important minerals we need to help us function properly, and when we sweat, we lose these electrolytes. Drinking plain water from a tap isn't always enough, sometimes bottles water, or plain water with some electrolyte tablets, or bottles water and a banana or fruit is a brilliant way to electrify ourselves back into life. 3. General Fitness Don't take your fitness for granted, or be someone you aren't. If you haven't gone for a run in a very long time, it's not just your fitness you gotta worry about it's also your knees, and your feet. Do you have comfortable shoes with gel cushioning to soften your landings and prevent any shock going through your joint, which could lead to plantarfascitis, patella tendinitis, or even a hamstring pull? My suggestion would be to start with a walk, then slowly include a very small jog for a few minutes, back into a walk. Keep working on this until it feels easier. IF you decide, when the heatwave is over, that you don't want to run anymore, because it's not hot enough, or the weather isn't nice enough, then may I suggest that running probably isn't your favourite form of exercise? Exercise needs to have some sort of longevity, whether it's swimming, weightlifting, dare I say Zumba, cycling, just going for short walks with your other half, whatever it is, it needs to be carried throughout the seasons, not just a fling. So before you decide to go for a run in the heat, think about WHY you are going for a run in this heat. Now I have seen a lot of people on social media going for bike rides, and runs, and raising money for charity, which is awesome, and most in part due to this whole covid thing, but, is it a long term fitness activity that you are doing, or just a novel idea, much like the coronavirus?


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