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Kirsty's Weight Loss

Kirsty began her weight loss and training journey with me back in June. Her goal is weight loss and toning up, with a few very specific goals. There is a determination in her eyes that I hadn't seen before, so I knew she was serious, and I absolutely loved it, however I also learnt a very valuable lesson this past Friday. I didn't communicate how much weight she had lost, and she got very confused. My fault completely. During her session we were talking about her weight loss and going through the numbers, and it was confusing her, until I suddenly had the ingenius idea of actually showing her the numbers of her weight loss. I laugh at myself as I write this because it's such a simple idea that I should have done ages ago but never did. As a coach, sometimes you assume (which you shouldn't), that the client is fine and has complete faith in you, but they are a human, and they have emotions too, and they need constant reassurance. So I showed her the numbers, and it made her feel a lot more relaxed, and in her words 'emptied her brain'. I know that feeling, and it feels great. I probably could have eliminated 10 minutes of talking and explaining weight loss to her but showing her her numbers, but we live and learn, right? Remember, weight loss is not linear, and not everybody is the same. Some individuals are more emotional and have a hard time putting logic and action over their emotions, whereas others are the opposite, they are very black and white and will do as they are told without really involving logic. Neither of these are the 'better' way either, they are just ways that different people deal with information and taking action and handling data presented to them. At the end of the day, it's all data, it's just facts and figures, and it's about how we react to those facts and figures that makes the difference. Kirsty is doing a fantastic job, she has lost weight (nearly a stone in 2 months!!!) I love this, because it's progress!!! She works awkward hours which makes it difficult to build consistency, but she is communicating with me and working with me to build a healthier lifestyle for herself. One thing that is important to notice is how she lost 3lb in the first 30 days of her weight loss. The first 30 days are all about getting an idea of her food and drink intake, her habits, desires, how she responds to food emotionally, and her cravings. From there, you can build a meal plan to suit, whilst communicating to make sure that everything is going ok. What are their worries? What are their stresses? What are their success? As far as I'm concerned, she has lost weight and is working really hard during training, so I couldn't be more proud of her!


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