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Dan Burford Weight Loss

Dan Burford has continued to lose weight with my coaching, getting down to 12 stone 2lb.

I can't take all the credit, however, he is the one who has put the work in, I have merely advised him. 3 Things he has done well that you need to do if you want success with your own body composition: 1. Communicate with your coach on a regular basis. Tell him or her any issues you are facing or problems, or they might assume everything is fine, especially if you are doing the right things. 2. Send your coach your daily, or bi-weekly nutrition logs. Your coach can't help you if you don't send him your data. 3. Be honest. Coaches don't care if you 'slip up', just as long as you are honest about what you did. If you are in need of help with weight loss, before you get started, are you willing to do these 3 things?


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