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Burn 400+ Calories Every Session

If you're reading this chances are you want to burn more calories, right? Ok so, I had my client Louise in for her session this morning at 7am. Usually we would start with the prowler, perform 2 exercises, then the prowler, 2 more exercises and keep going until the session ends. Today, however, we switched the prowler for boxing mitts, as per her request. Now, 2 years ago, I would have refused because it wasn't a 'proper exercise', as in, we weren't training muscles and I'm not a martial arts instructor, yet there were other trainers in the gym who would get their clients doing padwork, pretty much all of them did, and I've never been one to do the same as everybody else, so I refused. However, today we did padwork, and it was REALLY fun, I enjoyed myself and so did she. We started off by working on using her hips to move her shoulders and punch, and then we moved onto speed work where I would hold the pads close to her and she would execute short punches with speed and punch approximately 200 times. This proved to be effective because she was getting a good sweat on, panting and her rate was was raising, all from just doing pad work. We did: Round 1: Pad work (200 punches) Dumbbell tricep extensions (4kg) Incline dumbbell curls (6kg in each hand) Round 2: Pad work (200 punches) Cable rows into squat isometrics followed by 3 squats, followed by 5 squats, followed by 7 squats for a total of 3 minutes. Romanian deadlifts with 25kg In total, the entire workout burned over 400 calories. Please note: It is very important that you get a decent training partner or hire a personal trainer so that you can remain consistent with your workouts.


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