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Training Around A Knee Nodule

Sometimes, people can end up developing knee nodules, which are bony protrudes that present themselves just below the patella.

They cause massive issues for anybody who is trying to get fitter or tone up because you can't bend the knee much more than beyond 45 degree (right angle), otherwise you end up stretching the tissues around the front of the knee, causing severe pain and discomfort. An easy way to get around this issue is with 1 simple exercise: Vertical Shin Box Squat My client Matt has this bony protrusion on his right knee, so instead of performing bodyweight squats while he has before, we are performing kettlebell goblet squats whilst he sits down on a bench with his shins at vertical. This accomplishes several elements: 1. Strengthens the Upper Back When you hold a kettlebell up to your chest and squat down, you are initiating thoracic extension, which is done by tightening your back muscles to keep your shoulder blades tucked in, a very healthy movement for the upper back. 2. Improves Coordination The benefit of sitting down on a bench whilst maintaining a vertical shin angle is that you have to be very careful not to go to fast or lean forward onto your toes, otherwise you will achieve the opposite effect. So you need to focus on sitting back on your heels and landing on your butt while maintaining a flat back. 3. Develops Stronger Hips Going from a forward lean of the knees over the toes, to a vertical shin angle means you are loading the hips more, so there is more work being done by the hamstrings, glutes and lower back, strengthening the hips as posterior chain.


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