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Building Mental Strength

Mental strength is one of the most important aspects of training, and life. With training, you need to be able to push through each rep, each set, push through the burn, the sticking points, all of it. When your mind is telling you no, you need to say yes, you can do it. Mental strength, or toughness, is all about overcoming adversity and not giving up. Mental toughness is not about not taking a break though, and the differentiation is important to learn. If you think you aren't tough because you didn't get 15 reps like you aimed for, this is very wrong, you're actually tough because at least you tried. Calm Your Mind and Focus When we enter a chaotic situation, like exercising, or a stressful work environment, it can be easy to allow the situation to take over, but you can't, you have to remember to stay calm and focus your mind. Think about the job at hand and what you need to do to get through it, remind yourself of each task, and get each task done one by one. 'Reel it in' is a term I like to remind myself of often, we can't control every aspect or every thought we have or how our brain changes every few minutes, so we can't always control whether we think logically or emotionally, but when our emotion gets the better of us, we need to think logically and 'reel it in', I like to think that when we start to get ahead of ourselves, we need to focus our mind and stay in the zone, as opposed to drift off. We need emotion to drive us, but we need logical to balance and hold everything together, so getting the 2 together correctly is key. 'Don't be a bi*ch'. Ever told yourself that? Tamed your inner bi*ch? The moment you feel yourself getting weaker, the moment nobody likes, yet we all get. Control it. Simple. The weights don't have feelings, the dumbbells don't care, the squat rack doesn't care, so don't ahead of yourself, calm down.


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