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Are Blueberries REALLY A Superfood?

Fruit and vegetables are incredibly healthy for us, which we know. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals to allow our body to function properly. Enter the world of calories and it's a different conversation. Some people think that too much fruit is bad for us because it contains sugar, while others think that fruit is fine because, well, it's fruit. I decided to do some investigating for myself, specifically about blueberries, and I found something quite interesting. Blueberries do contain some vitamins and minerals, but they aren't as 'super' as we may think of them. I'm not for 1 second speculating that blueberries are not healthy, because they aren't, but we need to look at WHY we eat certain foods. Why do we eat meat? Why do we eat carbs? Why do we eat fats? There are so many questions that need answering, and the thing is, there isn't just one answer for each, there are millions, because each macronutrient means something different to each individual. So Why Do We Eat Blueberries? I don't think 'because they're healthy' is really a good answer, because healthy is such a broad word, it depends on the context we are talking. For the most part though, blueberries are healthy because they contain vitamins and minerals, specifically: Vitamin K 29 mcg per 148g = 32% of recommended Daily Intake Manganese 0.5mcg per 148g = 22% of recommend daily intake Vitamin C 14 mcg = 19% of recommended daily intake Fiber 3.55 mcg = 13% of RDI (Source: When you really look at the percentages, you'll notice that the ratio of grams of blueberries to percentage of recommended daily intake of each vitamin isn't actually a whole lot. Now, why have I referenced this point specifically? Well, here's the thing, assuming that blueberries are indeed a superfood, why aren't the percentages at least 50%, y'know, half our daily recommended intake? We must remember that different fruits contain different amounts of vitamins, some more than others, so to suggest ANY fruit as a superfood is a bit too much in my opinion. Does Fruit Make You Fat? No, excess calories makes you fat, if you want the simple answer. With regards to blueberries specifically, or any fruit really, it would be really difficult to gain excess weight from eating fruit because of the following reason: - The sugar in fruit is pretty much already broken down in liquid form as you start eating it, as a monosaccharide or disaccharide, so the body will instantly use it for energy, it would therefore take a s**t ton of fruit to gain weight to that extent.

I had another reason, but I honestly forgot what it was. At the end of the day, fruit is good for you, it is healthy, and, unlike pizza, or pasta, or fizzy drinks etc, we can pretty much eat as much fruit as we like and we probably won't gain a substantial amount of weight because it's just pure sugar, but it's mainly water and very simple forms of sugar, so it will get digested very quickly, not only that, but fruit is very nutrient dense, whereas pizza, pasta, fizzy drinks etc. are very calorie dense with not a whole lot of nutrition. So, go bananas for blueberries!!!


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