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Diet Red Flags

What do I mean by diet red flags? Whenever you come across a company, or an individual, or a product, that offers fantastic results, almost too good to be true results, it's a red flag.

Words To Look Out For These are words that are typically used by diet companies to get you on board and sell you their products, because the words represent where you want to be, so it sounds quite exciting. These words also represent ease. It doesn't all sound like hard work, making it all the more desirable. Slim Tea Slim Coffee Slim (Insert word here) Skinny Pills Capsules If the product, company or individual offers these types of products within its service, run away, and run away FAST! It's Supposed To Be Difficult A diet is a bit like marriage. At first it's easy, it's exciting and you can't wait to start the new chapter in your life. Then, you experience frustrations. Your married life is interfering with your personal life. You can't do all the fun things you used to do anymore because they will get in the way of your marriage, but, you made a commitment, right? This is why compromise works. You swap things with your partner. You want to go out with the boys or watch a movie one evening, so you agree with your Mrs that you will do that on Saturday night and your Mrs. does her thing another night. Diet companies offer promises that, physiologically, aren't possible. The nature of weight loss is governed by.........NATURE! The difference is that a nutritionist, nutrition coach or otherwise, has the knowledge and expertise to help you overcome barriers and help you achieve your goals, they understand the nature of body composition and know how to manipulate the nature of body composition to help you achieve your goals. Are They Reputable? Before you invest in a company, or an individual, ask to see a certificate. Are they certified by a recognised company or governing body? Do they have testimonials from individuals with proof that the person has achieved the goals they set? Do they have a website and not just a Facebook or Instagram page? These are all just a few things to look out for when looking for help with your diet. Don't be fooled, keep your eyes peeled, stay patient!


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