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Eliminate Lower Back and Shoulder Pain

Lower back and shoulder pain is *usually down to weak muscles plus bad movement. When you understand the above, you can eliminate it rather easily. *Other cases of lower back pain can include slipped discs or arthritis of the spine, and other cases of shoulder pain can include a tear of 1 or more of the rotator cuff muscles. In this blog post, I will talk about lower back pain and shoulder pain from simply being too lazy. Lower back pain is usually caused by one thing, and one thing only, incorrect movement. Most people I've come across, whether I know them personally, or see them at a distance with their kids, tend to bend over at the lower spine area, or known as the lumbar spine. Where flexibility allows, you can bend over at your lower back, but most people who do bend over at the lower back do not have this kind of flexibility, and this is where the injury kicks in. When you bend over at the lower back, you compress one side of the individual vertebrae of the spine, which, when done over time, can end up squashing the individual gel like discs in between the vertebrae. Do this enough, and you can give yourself a real bad injury. Solution Hinge at the hips. When you hinge at the hips, you maintain a neutral spine (where the spine maintains its 'S' like appearance, but the back itself remains flat, so there is no unncessary bending at the spine), and the movement is actually created by the acetabulum rotating around the top of the thigh bone.

(Picture Courtesy of If you move through your hip joints, your back pain will pretty much go away, provided you haven't caused long term issues. Strengthen Your Lower Back In the words of Mark Bell, 'Strength is never a weakness, weakness is never a strength'. You need to strengthen your lower back up, which can be done by performing the following exercises: RDLs Deadlifts Goblet Squats Rack Pulls Good Mornings Back Extensions So remember, if your lower back is sore due to poor movement mechanics, and generally not regularly strength training, it is easy to get your lower back stronger again. Shoulder Pain Shoulders are usually sore due to excessive anterior humeral glide, which basically means where the front of the shoulders protrudes forward more than it should, impinging on tissues at the front of the shoulder. This is usually caused by muscles at the front (pectorals, sternocleidomastoid), being too tight, and the muscles at the back (rear deltoids, middle trapezius, rhomboids) being too weak. If the muscles at the back are too weak, they can't pull the humerus back, opening up space at the front. This type of shoulder pain is usually most prominent in office works, since a lot of office work is computer based, they tend to sit with a hunch, causing their upper back muscles to weaken and their upper front muscles to get tight. Solution Perform more upper back exercises, and stretch more at the front, 2-3 x a week. Exercises that are good to do: Facepulls Reverse flyes Lat Pulldown Bent Over Row Dumbbell Rows on a bench So long as you are bringing your shoulder blades in together, the exercise should work. You can read more about this by clicking the link below. Janda's Upper and Lower Crossed Syndrome


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