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Focus On Your Posture

Your posture, how you move everyday, is going to have huge repercussions if it isn't already dealt with. There is one posture I am talking about specifically, which is the hip hinge with straight knees posture.

The issue I have with this posture is the stress placed upon the lower back. If we first look at the base of support, as in what holds everything in place, this will be the feet. Look at where the upper body is in relation to the feet, way too far forward, which will place unnecessary strain on the lumbar spine, which is an area that most people feel some sort of pain at some point in their life. Next, we need to look at the knees, which need to be bent more. If we bend the knees in this picture slightly, the knees will come forward first, further decreasing the effectiveness of the base of support, so we also need to sit back on the heels more in order to get the base of support right. When we sit back more on the heels, we do 2 things: Firstly, we placed more tension through the hamstrings, glutes and lower back, and secondly, we put the spine in it's normal, natural position, a neutral spine as it is otherwise known, as opposed to a rounded spine. If you ever feel like your posture if similar to this, follow the above check list to correct it.


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