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Hip Extension Using Your Glutes

Your glutes (your butt muscles) are an important muscle in your body to help keep you stabilised during certain exercises, such as overhead presses and dumbbell/barbell presses. When you use your glutes to stabilise your hips, the tension created from this type of hip extension 'locks' your lower body in place, limiting any type of movement such as rotation, and preventing any potential injury. A good amount of people need to learn how to extend the hips using the glutes, but because a lot of us sit down, as well rounding our backs too much when moving around generally, we cause more damage to our backs because we don't know how to use our glutes enough. Hip extension is straightening out your entire body so that our body goes from a 90 degree angle to a flat line. Your glutes and your lower back can both perform hip extension, however it's very important that you learn how to perform hip extension using your glutes to create the stability required in the hip area. Exercises such as cable pullthroughs and hip thrusts off a bench are great tools to use to learn this technique; plus with added weight, such as more weight on the barbell or increase the weight on the cable machine for pullthroughs. Your Bed Isn't Causing Your Back Pain I've heard this from a couple of people recently about how their back pain is caused by their bed. I disagree. I disagree because you only sleep in your bed for 6-8 hours a night, when you are awake, up and about for 12-16 hours of the day. When you are up and about during the day, you are moving around more, which means you are more likely to hurt your back during this time, than you are just laying in bed. I can't imagine how laying on your side can hurt your lower back, considering there's no gravitational tension, coupled with overarching of the spine, going on when you lay on your side. The only way you can hurt your back in bed is if you lie on your back, and who the hell lies on their back in bed?


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