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We Need Permission

Oftentimes, when we seek to better ourselves and improve, it can be a bit scary. We know what we need to do, but the fear of the unknown on the other side stops us. We don't know, so we don't risk. If we don't risk, we don't find out, but we also want to be sensible, so what's the next best thing? You need to find someone who will give you permission to do that thing. By giving permission to you to do that thing, that individual is really saying 'It won't be easy, you will make mistakes, but I have been there myself and gone through it so I understand.'

This is why you need a mentor, someone who can look at the plan objectively and tell you to go and execute. Other people would criticise or tell you not to do it because you will lose out on something, perhaps money, perhaps even somebody else's ego, and because you hear it all the time: 'Be careful' 'I wouldn't do that if i were you' 'That's too risky' 'You need money' 'Money doesn't buy happiness but it keeps you safe' Find yourself a mentor who is where you want to be, and talk to them, get to know them, understand their struggles, who they are as a person. You might find that they aren't better than you as much as you thought, and instead, they have just been more consistent at failing and learning.