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What's More Important, Consistency Over Time Or Amount Of Time During Individual Gym Visits?

Well I think we can all agree that consistency in anything is what creates success, right? Well, same goes for the gym. Everybody always asks, 'how long should I spend in the gym'? 'Should I spend 45 minute or 1 hour?' Well, first of all, what exactly are you DOING in the gym? Are you actually putting the work in? Do you have a written guide from a reputable trainer who knows his or her stuff who can help you achieve your results, or are you just making it up as you go along? You could well be spending an hour in the gym already, but if 30 minutes of that is spent talking to other gym members, or the staff, and you aren't actually working, then you can't be dissatisfied when you don't see results. Consistency For this explanation, we'll use the term 'wearing out', as in wearing out your muscles, and each time your muscle wears out, it has room to grow. If you go to the gym every Monday at 6pm, and you perform a leg press, a leg extension, a chest press machine exercise, a row machine exercise (NOT a rowing machine), a core exercise, a bicep exercise and a tricep exercise, and you do 3 sets of 15 on each exercise, and have 3 minute rest between sets, and it takes you 1 minute to do each exercise, this is: 7 total exercises x 3 sets = 21 total sets which is 21 minutes of exercise done. 3 minutes rest between exercises which is 9 minutes in total for 1 exercise, multiplied by 7, is 63 minutes of just resting. This equates to 84 total minutes of gym time, where less than 1/3 is actually work that has been done. Now, this is assuming that you actually did everything I listed above. You could be more productive, see results faster, by doing 4 sets of 15 and have only 1 minute of rest in between. However, say you did 3 the original amount of work, you can see it doesn't take much time to actually get the work done, right? Imagine you did this say, 3 times a week, over a period of a year (52 weeks), that's 52 x 3 = 156 workouts per year. That's 156 times you've worn your muscles out and actually changed the look of your physique. You know it isn't a time problem, so what is it? Only YOU know the answer to that.


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