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Why You Don't Need To Be Rich To Get Fit

A personal trainer is not expensive. There I said it. People like to say or think we are, but really, we aren't. Are we a luxury? Mmm I don't think so, at least not all the time. But then again, whether or not a personal trainer is a luxury is determined by the individual. If you have absolutely no health precursors, live a relatively healthy lifestyle and decide to hire a personal trainer because you just want to look better or get stronger, than I would consider that a luxury. You don't NEED to get stronger, but you would like to, and you know that the benefits of such as better than not getting stronger, so you decide to indulge a bit on the positive side of indulgence, rather than the negative. If you do have a health precursor, such as diabetes, torn ligaments, achilles tendon rupture, or you are generally overweight with bad habits, then personal training should be considered a necessity, not a luxury, so you're best off putting some of your money away each month for an individual, preferably the same personal trainer for the length of time it would take you to see your results. I'll be brutally honest, the only reason you 'need' more money is because you want to be able to earn more, or enough, so that you can indulge each month and have fun with your basic habits, instead of being strict and disciplined with your food and training, because that's boring, and again, it requires discipline. This doesn't mean living such a basic lifestyle that you are eating chicken and pasta out of tuppaware (yes I do enjoy it myself) and that you absolutely can not have a takeaway every week, but it means that you will most likely rather have a takeaway on a Friday or Saturday night because that's time to chill, instead of working on your goals every Friday and Saturday so that you lose the weight you've wanted to lose or gained the strength you've wanted to gain, so that you can have a moment of indulgence and not feel guilty. It's not a question of affordability, it's a question of discipline and sacrifice. And quite possibly this would irritate some people because you could draw up the conclusion that I assume that I know what your lifestyle is like and how dare I criticise those who don't hire a personal trainer, I don't know how difficult your lifestyle is, or what problems or troubles you face etc. so how do I know what you can or can't afford. My monthly car payments are £228 each month. Sound expensive? Maybe, but I wake up each day knowing that I have a car that works and gets me to and from work without worrying about it break down after 10 minutes, and I consider that feeling worth all that money each month. I'm not just paying for the car, I'm paying for how good it makes me feel on the inside. Stop looking so much at the physical product, the time you have to train, how long it will take you to see results, or any other aspect that isn't measurable. Would it make a difference to you if you trained at 5am compared to 5pm? Do you think that if you trained for 6 months you are suddenly immune to weakness or disease? Do you think that a 20kg barbell will feel like a twig after training for 1 year? Absolutely not. But we don't train to become invincible, we train to be capable.


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