I remember walking through my local town centre with my wife, when I recieved a message from an old friend.

I can't remember exactly what he said, or asked, but what I do know is that he needed help losing my weight, and because he knew me, he asked for my help.

I became very excited and told him I could help him, as long as he does what I say, which he agreed with.

So we decide to start nutrition coaching right away. He sent me his height, weight and age and I worked out his BMR for him.

His Journey Continued

Daniel Burford


Kirsty has been training with me and working on her nutrition since 20th June this year and has gone from 13 stone down to 11 stone but is still eating the foods that she loves. One of her favourite meals is poached eggs on crumpets.

Kirsty works long hours and is learning how to develop her own nutrition plan whilst sending me her nutrition data on a regular basis to keep up with her goals.

We regularly discuss how she can maintain her energy levels without over indulging, and this is where we speak about managing her macro numbers, which is a constant talking point in nutrition coaching.

Kirsty has made vast improvements in her training by being able to handle more weight with each session and getting her mind in the zone when she needs to.

Kirsty is a prime example of what you can achieve if you set your mind to it.

Kirsty Lipa

Matt Williams

Matt trains with me for 2 hours a week, and his main goals are to get stronger for squash after an achilles tendon rupture. as well as put some muscle on to his frame.

Matt has spent a lot of his working years behind a desk in a corporate setting, which means that he lacks the skill necessary to perform certain movements.

He has been working a lot on his single leg Romanian Deadlift to strengthen his ankle, of which he has shown extreme improvement on.

His arms have become slightly bigger since we started performing direct arm work, and he is even getting comments from his wife about his change in shape.

He is now performing dumbbell curls with 10kg in each hand.


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